The National Team

The Swedish National Dodgeball team, The Sweden Spectacluars, have been a part of the European Dodgeball Federation since 2010 when Sweden for the first time participated in the Euros in Chester, England.

In 2011 Sweden hosted the Euros, which was played at Björngårdsskolan in Stockholm. The Swedish Women’s team won an impressive bronze medal at the event.

Sweden has for the last few years had a very strong development curve, and is currently contending for the top positions in Europe.

At the Central European Championships in the Czech Republic in 2019, Sweden won a silver medal in the mixed division after a very tight final against world champions Austria. The Swedish women also impressed by winning against Austria in the group stages.

During the Euros in Newcastle in 2019, both the Swedish Men and Women qualified for the 2022 World Championships in Edmonton, Canada

In July 2022, Sweden’s mixed team secured 4th place at the European Dodgeball Championships in Drachten, Netherlands, giving the Swedes their highest ranking to date!